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ODT Muzik is the brainchild of Navigator, who is widely known as a reggae and bass music artist from the 80s/90s who had mainstream global success with The Freestylers and famed tracks ‘Ruffneck’ and ‘Warning’. He was instrumental in bringing together Rawhill Crew, Bad Company and DJ Fresh on one of the biggest vocal tracks in drum and bass history – ‘Mo Fire’ in the early 2000s and is now preparing to launch his own music company and label. ODT Muzik.


Partnering on the label is longtime Navigator collaborator and Birmingham based, bass music Alaska MC. Originally part of Rawhill Crew in the early 2000s, Alaska has known and worked with Navi over a number of years. Recently he has enjoyed success collaborating with The Freestylers and Erb N Dub amongst many others. Originally born in Chicago, Alaska has lived and worked across the States including Florida and Georgia, Nassau, Bahamas and London. All of the travelling and relocation has helped this artist form a style, which draws on all of these areas and promotes musical diversity, which is what ODT Muzik, embodies.

The aim of the company and label is to bridge the gap between reggae, bass music and all the associated genres of drum and bass, dubstep, house,  breakbeat and hip-hop. Having worked across all these genres and nurtured leading talent in all these scenes it is now time for Navigator to lead the way in his own light developing a label that stands the test of time alongside other leading independent labels such as Blackbutter records and Never Say Die, both of which he has played a huge part in their growth.

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ODT MUZIK delivers content worldwide to the major on-line stores and digital services. The business of music is an ever changing industry, and we recognise that artistic and financial freedom are cornerstones of this evolution.

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